Cougar Classic Volunteer List

Thanks to all who have volunteered for the Cougar Classic coming up this weekend (November 2nd-3rd).  I have typed up the sign up lists below to give you a reminder of what you signed up for.  If you have any questions or need to make corrections to this, please contact Marsha at the school office ( or 256-340-9516).  We appreciate your help and couldn’t make this event a success without you!



Friday 12:30-3:30 – T. Begemann

Friday 3:30-6:30 – CW Kennedy

Friday 6:30-end – R. Tinkle

Saturday 8:30-10:30 – R. & E. Tinkle

Saturday 10:30-12:30 – R. & E. Tinkle

Saturday 12:30-2:30 – A. Roberts

Saturday 2:30-end – P. Williams


Friday Concessions:

1-2:15:  K. Anders & A. Roberts

2:15-3:30:  T. Hendrix, T. Begemann, and P. Williams

3:30-5:  A. Parker, B. Riffe, A. Kennedy

5-6:30:  W. Marshall, K. Grubbs

6:30-8:  K. & S. Southern

8-halftime/cleanup:  ____________


Friday Food Donation for Concession Stand:

A. Parker (chicken stew)

W. Marshall (chili)

P. Williams (cake)

A. Roberts (cornbread)

K. Grubbs (chili)

K. Southern (?)

A. Parker (crackers, cheese, & sour cream)


Saturday Concessions:

9-10:15:  M. Travers, T. Hendrix

10:15-11:30:  W. & A. Marshall

11:30-12:15:  K. Anders, D. & B. Riffe

1-2:15:  P. Williams, A. Jenkins

2:15-3:30:  T. Ward, T. Lemmond

3:30-halftime/cleanup:  T. Robbins, A. Parker


Saturday Food Donation for Concession Stand:

M. Barton (BBQ sandwiches)

K. Anders (breakfast)

W. Marshall (?)

M. Travers (chili)

B. Riffe (BBQ sandwiches)

P. Williams (donuts)

T. Robbins (breakfast casserole)


Food Donation for Hospitality Room:

A. Parker (chips/dip)

A. Roberts (no bake cookies)

W. Marshall (brownies)

C. Atwood (?)

T. Hendrix (pecan/pumpkin muffins/pecans)

T. Begemann (Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwiches)

P. Williams (sausage balls)

A. Kennedy (cookies)

A. Jenkins (?)

L. Fortinberry (chips/dip)

K. Southern (pigs in a blanket)

K. Carter (pigs in a blanket)

T. Robbins (pigs in a blanket)