Fine Arts

The CCS Fine Arts program allows our students to further develop worthwhile attributes. Students have the opportunity to be involved in art, drama, speech, music, and choir. Our students (elementary, junior high, and high school) compete in the Alabama Christian Education Association (ACEA) state fine arts competition each year. First-place winners have the opportunity to compete on a national level in South Carolina.


2017-18 Cornerstone Christian School
ACEA Academic, Bible, & Art Competition Winners
Elementary Academic Awards:

6th Grade Math – Makenzie Kennedy (1st)
6th Grade English – Makenzie Kennedy (1st)
5th Grade Math – Daniel Nason (3rd)
Elementary Fine Art Awards:

Female Vocal Solo – Makenzie Kennedy (2nd)
Male Vocal Solo – Daniel Nason (1st), Reagan Lewis (2nd)
Brass Solo – Daniel Nason (2nd)
String Solo – Lidia Schimansky (2nd)
String Solo (Plucked/Strummed) – Olivia Travers (1st)
Sacred Piano Solo – Makenzie Kennedy (1st)
Small Vocal Ensemble – Cornerstone 6 (2nd)
Choral Group – Cornerstone 22 (2nd)
Sacred Piano Duet – Nason/Schimansky (1st), Barton/Kennedy (2nd)
Oral Interpretation of Poetry – Makenzie Kennedy (3rd)
Reader’s Theater – Cornerstone 6 (2nd)
Calligraphy – Olivia Matthews (1st)
Monochromatic Drawing – Makenzie Kennedy (2nd), Carson Lemmond (3rd)
Polychromatic Drawing – Katie Barton (1st)
Oil Painting – Makenzie Kennedy (3rd)
Sculpture – Carson Lemmond (2nd)
Textile – Katie Barton (1st)
Crafts – Olivia Travers (3rd)
Printmaking – Olivia Matthews (1st), Reagan Lewis (2nd)
Digital Media – Matthew Daniels (3rd)
Mixed Media – Makenzie Kennedy (1st), Katie Barton (2nd)
Macro/Still Life Photography – Austin Barton (2nd)
Historical Poster – Carson Lemmond (1st), Austin Barton (3rd)
Historical Project – Blake Fortinberry (1st), Riley Montgomery (2nd)
Jr. High Fine Art Awards:

Choric – Cornerstone (1st)
Dramatic Interpretation – Maggie Tinkle (3rd)
Oral Interpretation of Poetry – Justin Mintzer (1st)
Declamation – Dylan Bryant (1st)
Male Vocal Solo – Justin Mintzer (3rd)
Female Vocal Solo – Sara Nason (3rd)
String Solo – Sara Nason (2nd)
Small Vocal Ensemble – Cornerstone (3rd)
Large Vocal Ensemble – Cornerstone (2nd)
Choral Group – Cornerstone (2nd)
Calligraphy – Maggie Tinkle (3rd)
Polychromatic Drawing – Connor Johnson (2nd)
Watercolor – Maggie Tinkle (1st), Raegan Jenkins (2nd)
Oil Painting – Shelby Jenkins (2nd)
Acrylic Painting – Lorianna Clark (3rd)
Sculpture – Bradley Oberholtzer (2nd), Lorianna Clark (3rd)
Crafts – Maggie Tinkle (1st)
Printmaking – Justin Mintzer (1st), Raegan Jenkins (2nd)
Woodworking – Marcos Schimansky (3rd)
Mixed Media – Colter Anders (1st), Raegan Jenkins (2nd)
Still Life/Macro Photography – Colter Anders (1st)
Animal Photography – Justin Mintzer (1st)
Historical Poster – Luke Nason (1st), Sarah Nason (2nd)
Historical Project – Connor Johnson (1st), Parker Lemmond (2nd)
Jr. High Art Cup 2018 – Cornerstone
Jr. High Academic Awards:

7th Grade Math – Justin Mintzer (1st)
7th Grade History – Justin Mintzer (3rd)
Expository Essay – Cass Dodd (3rd)
Expository Preaching – Dylan Bryant (1st)
Topical Preaching – Hugh Evans (2nd)
Topical Preaching – Bradley Oberholtzer (1st)
High School Academic Awards:

Bible Teaching – Raegan Jenkins (3rd)
Home Economics – Raegan Jenkins (1st)
Spelling Bee – Casen Anders (2nd)
Topical Preaching – Jarrett Grubbs (1st)
High School Fine Art Awards:

Choric – Cornerstone (1st)
Reader’s Theater – Cornerstone (2nd)
Acting – Cornerstone (3rd)
Dramatic Interpretation – McKenzie Parker (1st), Lorianna Clark (2nd)
Religious – Jacob Winton (2nd)
Oral Interpretation of Poetry – Carli Lacy (3rd)
Declamation – Raegan Jenkins (1st)
Crafts – Mya Robinson (1st), Carli Lacy (2nd)
Calligraphy – Brooklyn Brown (1st)
Sculpture – Brooklyn Brown (2nd)
Mixed Media – Mackenzie Mintzer (2nd)
Oil Painting – Joy Kennedy (2nd)
Textiles – Carli Lacy (1st)
Digital Media – Watson Carter (1st)
Printmaking – Watson Carter (1st)
Landscape Photography – Jacob Winton (2nd), Te’a Koch (3rd)
Still Life Photography – Eli Ward (2nd)

Raegan Jenkins – Home Economics Testing
Mckenzie Parker – Dramatic Interpretation
Jarrett Grubbs – Topical Preaching
Brooklyn Brown – Calligraphy
Watson Carter – Digital Media & Printmaking
Declamation – Raegan Jenkins