Fine Art Winners 2022-23


Elementary Academic Awards:
McKenzie Riffe-3rd Place-4th Grade English
Will Bray-1st Place-4th Grade History
McKenzie Riffe-2nd Place-4th Grade History
McKenzie Riffe-1st Place-4th Grade Math
Trenton Cress-1st Place-5th Grade History
Lydia Nason-3rd Place-6th Grade History
Natalie Matthews-3rd Place-Spelling Bee
Elementary Speech & Music Awards:
Lydia Nason - Female Vocal Solo - 1st Place
Karson Robbins - Male Vocal Solo - 3rd Place
Lydia Nason - Woodwind Solo - 1st Place
McKenzie Riffe - String Solo - 3rd Place
Lydia Nason - Sacred Piano Solo - 1st Place
Small Vocal Ensemble #1 - 2nd Place
Small Vocal Ensemble #2 - 3rd Place
Large Vocal Ensemble - 1st Place
Choral Group - 2nd Place
McKenzie Riffe - Humorous Interpretation - 1st Place
Atwood/Riffe - Duet Acting - 3rd Place
Acting - 1st Place
Reader's Theatre - 2nd Place
Choric Speaking - 3rd Place
Elementary Art Awards:
Natalie Matthews-1st Place-Calligraphy
Alaina Matthews-2nd Place-Monochromatic Drawing
Reagan Grimes-3rd Place-Sculpture
Natalie Matthews-1st Place-Printmaking
Reagan Grimes-2nd Place-Mixed Media
Madeline Atwood-1st Place-Still Life/Macro Photography
McKenzie Riffe-3rd Place-Still Life/Macro Photography
McKenzie Riffe-3rd Place-People/Animal Photography
Natalie Matthews-1st Place-Patriotic Poster
Alaina Matthews-2nd Place-Patriotic Poster
Will Bray-1st Place-Historical Project
Alexis Atwood-2nd Place-Historical Project
Jr. High Art Awards:
Evelyn Matthews-2nd Place-Polychromatic Drawing
Abagail Atwood-2nd Place-Crafts
Austin Barton-2nd Place-Still Life/Macro Photography
Logan Ferguson-3rd Place-Patriotic Poster
Abagail Atwood-1st Place-Historical Project
Drake Westmoreland-2nd Place-Historical Project
High School Academic Awards:
Shelby Jenkins-1st Place-Home Economics
Sarah Nason-1st Place-Music Theory
High School Art Awards:
Olivia Matthews-1st Place-Calligraphy
Katie Barton-1st Place-Printmaking
Olivia Matthews-2nd Place-Printmaking
Makenzie Kennedy-1st Place-Digital Media
Shelby Jenkins-1st Place-Landscapes/Architecture Photography
Katie Barton-1st Place-People/Animal Photography
JH/High School Bible Awards:
Sarah Nason - Bible Teaching - 3rd Place
Josh Watson - Bible Evangelistic Preaching - 2nd Place
Junior High Music & Speech Awards:
Small Vocal Ensemble - 2nd Place
High School Music & Speech Awards:
Daniel Nason - Male Vocal Solo - 2nd Place
Daniel Nason - Brass Solo - 3rd Place
Sarah Nason - String Solo - 3rd Place
Katelyn Murray - Sacred Piano Solo - 1st Place
Small Vocal Ensemble - 2nd Place
Choral Group - 3rd Place
Sarah Nason/Katelyn Murray - Sacred Piano Duet - 1st Place
Acting - 2nd Place
Reader's Theatre - 2nd Place
Choric - 1st Place
This year, we have the following students going to compete at Nationals:

Olivia Matthews - Calligraphy
Katie Barton - Printmaking
Shelby Jenkins - Landscape/Architecture Photography
Katie Barton - People/Animal Photography
Makenzie Kennedy - Digital Media
Daniel Nason - Brass Solo
Sarah Nason - Stringed Solo
Katelyn Murray - Sacred Piano Solo
Murray/Nason - Sacred Piano Duet
Choric Speaking